A solo horror game about the creatures of the night.

Estate of Play

A solo mystery game of murder, inheritance, and competition, by Ethan Yen

Feathers & Thread

A two player journaling TTRPG for characters travelling together.

The Planescape Archive

A D&D supplement filled with options for your Planescape Adventures.

Bloodless is a solo journaling RPG that helps you to
build a narrative using prompts and dice rolls.
Play as a struggling vampire who’s trying to make it to
their haven before the sun rises.

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Physical copies available at these friendly stores.Knave of Cups
Indie Press Revolution
Ratti Incantati
Exalted Funeral

Inspired by the various Japanese folk tales of The Crane Wife
and The Decemberists album of the same name,
this game is a conversation between two players
and their characters as they experience a difficult situation.

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Knave of Cups

Indie Press Revolution

In this game, you play as a probate attorney at a law firm that
specializes in the execution of the wills of eccentric millionaires.
You received a letter from your Client after their untimely death
describing their belief that one of the potential heirs may have
murderous intent.
I helped Ethan with the interior and cover of this game, and
together we worked on creating a unique
visual style for the booklet.

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Physical copies coming soon!

This supplement includes wide-ranging player options and DM material to help
craft Planescape adventures on the fly. In Planescape, player freedom takes center stage.
Using this supplement, a DM can allow players to traverse the multiverse in any way they choose,
making sandbox style campaigns easier for the DM with over 200 plot hooks based on the planes.

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Hi, I'm Ennio!
I'm a layout designer and TTRPG writer.
I've worked on several titles, organizing text and visual elements, writing, creating art assests or modifying stock art, formatting text styles, creating tables or other game elements.My rates and additional samples available via email. I offer discounted rates to marginalized groups and if you have any questions, just ask. I don't work on anything that use AI generated images.

Exploring Hallownest. A Hollow Knight RPG.

I have a huge love for Hollow Knight. It is one of my favorite games so I decided to write an rpg based on it. This is a fun fan project and I'm not sure if I'll ever be finished with it.If you decide to check it out, please let me know your thoughts! I'd love to hear about your experiences with it.

Here's a sample doc for Estate of Play that talks about what went into designing the visual elements for the game.If you would like to learn a little bit about my process, check this out.

Questions? Reach out here.